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Specialty Plants

Bonsai is also called “tray planting” for the fact that these are plants grown in small containers as miniature living indoor landscapes. The art of bonsai growing has existed for thousands of years. Plant source materials can vary greatly depending on the aesthetic desired but generally come from any woody perennial, tree, or shrub.

Air Plants

Generally in a plant family called Tillandsia, these come from a genus of around 650 species from around the world. They usually grow attached to other plants and do not need soil to survive. They absorb nutrients through their leaves


One of the two largest families of flowering plants. The Orchidaceae have about 28,000 currently accepted species, The number of orchid species nearly equals the number of fish that swim in the seas, is more than twice the number of species of birds and about four times the number of mammal species. The family also encompasses about 6–11% of all seed plants. Orchids are all perennial herbs. A distinguishing feature is that all flowers have a bilateral symmetry which renders flowers of extreme similarities.