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Bulk Materials

Customer Pick-upcompost

Premium Dyed Mulch $34.97 per cubic yard
Hardwood Mulch $28.97 per cubic yard
Cedar Mulch $38.97 per cubic yard
Topsoil $33.97 per cubic yard
Compost $34.97 per cubic yard
Topsoil/Compost Mix $37.97 per cubic yard

Prices are subject to change without notice.
This price list supersedes any previous ones.

Bulk Gravel/Sand
57 Brown Gravel $92 per ton
57 Gray Stone $58 per ton
Chalet River Rock 1" $130 per ton
Chalet River Rock 1"-3" $130 per ton
Chalet River Rock 3"-5" $130 per ton
Coarse Concrete Sand $68 per ton
Crush & Run $40 per ton
Stone Dust $48 per ton
Mini Goose Eggs 1.5" $125 per ton
Goose Eggs 2-4" $125 per ton
Pea Gravel Brown $92 per ton
Pea Gravel Gray $68 per ton
Seminole Chips $125 per ton
Williamsburg White Gravel $98 per ton



Delivery fee is based on mileage/load. Additional fees may apply for orders of more than 1 load. Please call for pricing. There is a 3 yard minimum for mulch and soil deliveries. Delivery fees are as follows:IMG 0084 2

  Palletized Dump
1-6 miles $75 $45
7-15 miles $105 $65
16-25 miles $135 $85
26-35 miles ask sales associate

Additional stops on one delivery may result in additional fees. Gas surcharge may be applied. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are not able to guarantee specific delivery times. We will make every effort to deliver the materials on the day requested. Delivery rates are based on mileage and determined my Enchanted Forest Nursery & Stone. Thank you for your understanding.